Total Hip Replacement Recovery Surgery

Dr Coffey has extensive experience in hip replacement surgery & total hip replacment recovery.

Hip replacement is one of the most successful operations performed around the world, restoring function and relieving pain for many people disabled by hip arthritis.

Hip replacement is performed most commonly in patients older than 60, but can be performed in much younger patients who have severe hip disease due to dysplasia, trauma or arthritis. For this group of patients a high performance bearing using ceramics may be chosen.

Dr Coffey is experienced in Revision Hip Replacement, where a worn out or painful hip replacement is converted to a new device. There are many reasons why this may be necessary including infection, loosening, metal hip failure, dislocation, fracture and wear. Dr Coffey can diagnose and treat the wide range of presentations for this complex problem.

Pelvic girdle, anterior articulation at the pelvic girdle and posterior articulation with the sacrum.

The hip bone or the pelvic bone, is formed by three bones, the ilium, ischium and pubis.

Pelvis X-Ray – Usually fractured through direct trauma e.g. car accident or falling over.

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