Questions & Answers


What do I bring when I come to see Dr Coffey?
A referral letter from you doctor, any x-rays, ultrasounds or scans of the affected area. Also any other tests carried out by your referring doctor pertaining to your current problem. There will be a fee on consultation.
What hospitals does Dr Coffey operate at?
  • Nepean Private Hospital
    1-9 Barber Avenue,
    Kingswood NSW 2747
    Phone: (02) 4732 7333
    Fax: (02) 4721 8895
  • Macquarie University Hospital
    Suite 303, Level 3
    2 Technology Place
    Macquarie University 2109
    Phone: 02) 9812 3000
    Web: http://www.muh.org.au/
  • Nepean Hospital
    Corner of Parker & Derby Streets
    Penrith NSW 2750
    Phone: (02) 4734 2000
Will I need an operation?
After referral from your GP, Dr Coffey will take a history, examine you and review your tests. You may require further tests or x-rays. Depending on the information gained from your examination and various tests Dr Coffey will recommend the best treatment for you.

This may involve a non operative approach such as physiotherapy, an exercise regime or an injection to the affected area etc. However if appropriate, and a non surgical approach has been ineffective or deemed not appropriate you may require surgery.

How much will it cost?
Dr Coffey uses the AMA recommended schedule of fees.

Costs for consultations are available on enquiry and on booking appointments

If surgery is required the staff will always provide you with an estimate for your operation and any expected out of pocket expenses.

The staff are happy to discuss any questions regarding fees at the time of booking surgery.

Can I drive after surgery?
After minor surgery such as arthroscopy, you are able to drive when walking comfortably.

Following joint replacement surgery it is recommended that you avoid driving for at least 4-6weeks.